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Location: Alstonville

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BruceH Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Hi jakfruit etiquette, I still haven't heard back from DPI yet, must follow them up. Having watched the new season growth I am pretty certain that it is a Rangpur Lime as you suggested. I have some seedlings underway, but must confess they are su..551 days 21hrs
Seville orange - Hi all, been waiting to get some pics from my tree. So I have emergent leaves which are pinkish red in color, and another poor shot of some adult leaves. I'm thinking that jakfruit etiquette is pretty close with the suggestion of Rangpur Lime. I hav..692 days 2hrs
Seville orange - Sorry I have been AWOL on this discussion. I don't have any emergent leaves to photo at the moment, but purplish leaves do ring a bell. Will get a photo of a leaf ASAP. Thanks, Bruce..709 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Thanks for all the feedback folks. I guess the jury is still out at the moment, I have googled the suggestions and nothing seems to match 100% so far. The comment re petiole is interesting. Are you saying Kerry that you would expect to see a wide (fla..716 days 4hrs
Seville orange - Hi all, I took a trip in the countryside and eventually found the tree under a mass of lantana and guava. Having had a look at this original more mature tree I think the consensus will be that it is a Seville variety. There were no fruit obvious..719 days 4hrs
Seville orange - Hi jakfruit etiquette, Thanks for your interest. It certainly has a lot in common with the rough lemon except for the fruit. It doesn't have the color or rough skin of a lemon. The flesh and skin are typically orange, and isn't rough or bumpy. Just loo..719 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Hi again Brad. I had looked at the trifoliata, it has a bit in common esp. in the thorn department and size of fruit. But the leaves are not in threes, the fruit isn't downy at all (just your standard orange skin), and it's not deciduous. Maybe it doesn't..719 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Adrian, unfortunately all this years crop have gone into marmalade. So I will have to wait a while to get a pic. The original tree may still have fruit on it, I will have to do a drive by and see if it's still there. Thanks for your interest. ..719 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Hi Brad, thanks for that. No, they are not kumquats, the wrong size and shape. They are an orange variety of some sort. I like kumquats for marmalade, although they are a lot of work. These have an even more intense bite than the civilised kumquats I have..721 days 5hrs
Seville orange - I have a tree grown from seed taken from a very feral orange tree growing by the roadside. It has smallish fruit (about 4 cm), long thorns (5-6cm ouchy!) and a rambling habit. I have just pruned it back to about 1.2m high, mainly to get rid of the gall wa..724 days 1hrs

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