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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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BruceH's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/05/17 Updated: 25/05/17 Frost:
Location: Alstonville

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

BruceH Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Hi Julie, consensus seems to be Rangpur, but the final verdict is yet to come...58 days 19hrs
Seville orange - Hi all, I still have a few fruit (couple dozen) on my Rangpur/Bush/Rough Orange tree after having made enough marmalade to get me through winter. If anyone would like them for marmalade or seeds you are welcome. Makes a nice slightly tart spread althou..67 days 5hrs
Seville orange - Hi jakfruit etiquette, I still haven't heard back from DPI yet, must follow them up. Having watched the new season growth I am pretty certain that it is a Rangpur Lime as you suggested. I have some seedlings underway, but must confess they are su..643 days 18hrs
Seville orange - Hi all, been waiting to get some pics from my tree. So I have emergent leaves which are pinkish red in color, and another poor shot of some adult leaves. I'm thinking that jakfruit etiquette is pretty close with the suggestion of Rangpur Lime. I hav..783 days 24hrs
Seville orange - Sorry I have been AWOL on this discussion. I don't have any emergent leaves to photo at the moment, but purplish leaves do ring a bell. Will get a photo of a leaf ASAP. Thanks, Bruce..801 days 5hrs

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