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MarkWhite's Edible Backyard

Joined: 02/12/17 Updated: 02/12/17 Frost:
Location: Avalon Beach

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

MarkWhite Forum Contributions
Id lemon tree leaf holes - Thanks Fruitylicious, I think I had nerves/guilt from all the leaves falling off over winter. It's going gangbusters, new shoots all over and lovely and green! Cheers!! :)..201 days 7hrs
Id lemon tree leaf holes - Hi there - dwarf lemon in Sydney here, just started regrowing leaves after they all fell off over winter. It looks like something's nibbling on them - pic shows holes, almost like burn holes? I've put down slug pellets and sprayed with pyrethrum, should t..230 days 8hrs
Lemon tree losing leaves no flowers - Hi guys - tree is losing leaves and hasn't shown any flowers since buying. Remaining leaves look green - used eco oil as I think leafminer had taken hold - and laid some dynamic lifter a month ago. Water once a week with Seasol. Am I doing it right/wrong?..347 days 3hrs
Can anyone id this bug on my - Thanks will do! Found a caterpillar (sure there must be many more) devastating my basil, so pyrethrum at the ready!!..514 days 2hrs
Can anyone id this bug on my - Thanks for the tips! I'm wondering if some slugs/snails might have made it up to the 1st floor balcony, though I have herbs which are unaffected. I've added a couple more pics as the leaves are still being eaten (and I think one of the baby lemons has gon..564 days 5hrs
Can anyone id this bug on my - Hi there - I've had a Eureka lemon for a couple of months and it's growing well - but this week I noticed a few leaves had patches eaten from them. Is it these black dots? Can anyone ID them and recommend what to spray them with?..570 days 6hrs

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