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Coolbreeze's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/01/18 Updated: 25/01/18 Frost:
Location: Riverhills

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Coolbreeze Forum Contributions
Pea eggplant seeds - Hi Charlie, Sorry for late reply. Havent been on the forum for a while. I still have seeds available that you are after. Let me know if you are still interested...135 days 21hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - Hi Markmelb, I'm kind of shocked to hear that the eggplant dies back every winter. I thought the whole purpose of making an eggplant tree was so that you would enjoy the plant long term. Is there benefits from re-grafting every year versus just growing e..230 days 16hrs
Drumstick tree - Hey again Rusty, Did you get pods after flowering for the first time or was it the year after? Have been keeping a close eye on my plant and entire flowering clusters are drying up and dropping off...along with the green, tiny pods (10-15mm). Still lots ..230 days 20hrs
Please identify this plant - Hey All, I didn't know what this fruit was and still don't know for sure. I didn't even know what a 'Sygyzium' was either so it made me even more interested to find out. So I started to google all the Syzygiums mentioned. Wow!! So many different types..231 days 5hrs
Poinciana delonix regia - Hi Rebekah, If you are asking whether they are poisonous then I am quite certain they are not. I've heard distant family members discussing how to prepare the actual seeds for some delicacy dishes from older times. Have never seen or tried it though bu..231 days 6hrs
Compost bugs - Hey All, Apart from kitchen scraps, will the BSF larvae consume garden waste as well? By garden waste I am particularly meaning grass clippings and dried leaves? Mainly brown matter though. I don't want to add a layer of brown matter if it will slow th..231 days 7hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - Hey Brenda and Graham, I still have some Solanum Chrysotrichum seeds available. If you are only after the pea eggplant (solanum torvum) for rootstock then this variety will also get the job done. However, if you are wanting pea eggplants for eating - ..231 days 12hrs
Need help identifying plant2 - Hi Helen, I think that is called a Malabar Spinach. Good plant to have around as it is very healthy for you - if you can get past the slimey texture. ..231 days 17hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - Hey All, Markmelb - Dunno if you're still around the forum but... Great looking eggplant trees you have there. The best I've seen amongst Australian growers. Are they still alive at this time? How did your next project get along? You mentioned multi-g..232 days 9hrs
Where can i get a devils fig - Hi all, Dammit! Dammit! All my Kermit F1 and Italian heirloom seedlings are dead. I'm so shattered and pissed at myself! Silly me forgot and left them in the sun too long while I was hardening them up. That's going to set me back at least 6-8 weeks now..235 days 10hrs
Dandelions - Hey all, That really IS amazing Rev. Six years later and it is everywhere now. I don't think anybody would have much trouble finding it nowadays. I cut it back monthly or whenever needed to stop overgrowth. Also to keep the shoots nice and tender ..236 days 9hrs
Veggie id arbuzeh - Hi Farouk, I'm not certain but them flower tips/seed buds on the top and shape of leaves make it look like some sort of Amaranth. There are many types of Amaranths around the world. Some are even considered weeds here in vegetable gardens. However, mos..237 days 7hrs
Dwarf jacaranda tree - Hey all, For myself, all early memories of Jacarandas are of playing fort, cubbies with rope ladders, climbing up the main trunk and off onto the side/horizontal branches that were big enough to scoot along on my backside. Balancing and walking uprigh..238 days 10hrs
Where can i get a devils fig - Hey all, Fruitilicious - Very cool how you have had great success with eggplant trees. Could you fill us in on.... What kind of graft you used? What rootstock you used? What variety/varieties did you use up top? Did you do single or multiple grafts..238 days 17hrs
Papaya dropping flowers - Hey all, Have you guys heard or read stories of changing your papaya from male to female plants with different methods. What are some of your thoughts on this??..238 days 17hrs

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