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Michael Dang 18's Edible Backyard

Joined: 04/06/18 Updated: 04/06/18 Frost:
Location: Wakeley

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Michael Dang 18 Forum Contributions
Lychees in sydney - I'm in postcode 2176 and my bosthworth 3 is thriving.Its my favourite tree in the garden even though I have other exotic trees like longans and persimmons.The texture and taste of eating a lychee freshly picked from the tree is amazing.It did nothing for ..627 days 9hrs
Lychee tree14 - My tree is at least 7 years old.It has wind and sun protection for the last two years which has helped it to crop pretty well.Just picked the last of the fruits about 200 this year.The trick is to prune it back about 10 -15 cm off the branches now and it ..702 days 1hrs
Lychee tree14 - If in Sydney I recommend growing the Bosworth 3 variety.The fruits are decent size and it crops well so far for a backyard garden.Taste is pretty good if picked st the right time...714 days 9hrs
Lychee tree14 - My Bosworth number 3 lychee in Sydney.Its a real struggle to keep the fruits hanging on the tree over this summer with all the heat...735 days 2hrs
Wanting to buy a cherimoya tree - My plant lost all its leaves over winter as expected and now is pushing out new growth so I'm pleased.My temp over winter was an average 6 degrees at night and 18 during the day.There was only one weekend where it got to zero degrees and my mango leaves a..878 days 3hrs

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