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MirandaB's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/09/18 Updated: 20/09/18 Frost:
Location: Regency Downs

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

MirandaB Forum Contributions
Passionfruit problem - Thanks for the advice :) i got myself confused with the lemon tree I bought at the same time and actually this WASN’T in premium potting mix, but some of the garden soil I had bought for veggie gardens- which I regret as it is a dodgy sandy mix (I had i..275 days 1hrs
Passionfruit problem - Could anybody please advise what is going on here? bought this vine a few weeks back and have potted up in premium potting mix with some perlite, compost and I *think* (from memory) some aged cow manure. haven't gone crazy watering the pot, though have ke..278 days 0hrs

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