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Asaber's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/01/19 Updated: 09/01/19 Frost:
Location: Saber

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Asaber Forum Contributions
Lamb hass1 - Hi Danny, Thanks for answering my questions. However, are you 100 % sure that Lamb Hass is self-pollinating tree. I mean I don't want to plant the trees and after 5 years or so I regret not having planted any other types between them. Also, I apprecia..167 days 8hrs
Lamb hass1 - Dear all, Is Lamb Hass a self pollinating tree? If no, then what is the best type to plant with Lamb Hass? Also, if I decided to plant Lamb Hass, then can anybody tell me the distance I should have between each tree...169 days 7hrs

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