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Jhan's Edible Backyard

Joined: 11/03/19 Updated: 11/03/19 Frost:
Location: Northmead

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jhan Forum Contributions
Re mango - Hi tecko1 how low did you do the heading cut on the R2e2? I’m thinking of cutting mine to 5 inches from the ground Thanks ..552 days 12hrs
Pruning mango tree - Hi Wintershade Did you end up cutting your tree only leaving the main stem? How’s it doing now ? Have you got any photos? ..622 days 1hrs
Pruning mango tree - Hi Waterfall I don’t really have a big yard for a tall tree. Ideally I want to keep the tree approx 2 metres or 2.5 metres maximum. I think mine was similar height to yours bought from a nursery. I gave it the chop so it’s now standing approx j..623 days 1hrs
Kensington pride prune - Thanks Potty Bob1 I was initially worried cutting too low may kill it. I will do a heading cut on the tree as I don’t want it to grow too tall due to space. ..628 days 2hrs
Pruning mango tree - Waterfall - How old was the tree when you made that cut? I’ve got a 1+ yo Bowen tree approx just over 1 metre tall. Can I cut it low now and get it to branch? ..628 days 8hrs

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