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Carl76's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/01/14 Updated: 05/01/14 Frost:
Location: Wilston 4051

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Carl76 Forum Contributions
Mango budwood - Which months would you suggest are the best for grafting ?..94 days 1hrs
Pitangatuba - Was wondering if the fruit flavour would improve with the addition of Epsom Salts ?..127 days 20hrs
New lychees - Thanks..367 days 3hrs
New lychees - Anyone have more information on the new varieties for sale here?..374 days 22hrs
I am lazy and id like advice - Just 5 years, doubt you'll reach peak fruit production of most varieties cheaply available. Goats will do alot of the work. ..432 days 6hrs
Is malabar chestnut toxic - Glennis How does it taste ? Any of that stale nutty taste typical to old walnuts !..535 days 23hrs
Visit the aussie fig and fruit forum - Storage capacity was an issue regularly. ..552 days 6hrs
Cherimoya fino de jete seeds - Mark The giant cherimoya is a Rosa, right ? Have you tried the forbiddenfruits one ?..591 days 20hrs
Cherimoya fino de jete seeds - Thanks for the review, helps greatly...596 days 21hrs
Cherimoya fino de jete seeds - So guys, it's been a few years, what is the best tasting cherimoya cv out there ? ..604 days 1hrs
Dekopon in australia - Thanks John..733 days 6hrs
Jiaogulan dying - Yep, goes back to nearly nothing, each year for past 4. Nothing unusual...739 days 23hrs
Dekopon in australia - Anyone know what time frame for fruit to be produced from a seed grown sumo ?..746 days 2hrs
New csiro mango varieties - Geez, did they all fall off the face of the earth or what ? Thought I'd be eating them by now...827 days 2hrs
Soursop tree3 - Had a soursop a couple of months ago at tropical fruit world, it was really good. Are there any different varieties out there ?..833 days 0hrs

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