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Avocado Lovers Malaysia's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/02/14 Updated: 25/02/14 Frost:
Location: Seremban

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Avocado Lovers Malaysia Forum Contributions
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi Everyone... I'm now in the office.. I'll check and get back to you on the NPK ratio and the contents of what is in the pack... :) If I can recall, I remember this product is made from Australia... but I could be wrong.... :) ..1996 days 2hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi Mark... According to my friend she added in 3 spoons full... However, you could be right since citrus and Avocado share the same type of fertilizer......1999 days 9hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi Markmelb... :) Thank you very much for your feedback. I will try to apply Gypsum - Zinc as what you recommended. I have used Epsom salt a few weeks back but I am not sure whether this has caused the leaf turning yellowish ..2031 days 10hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Hi everyone. Greetings from "Avocado Lovers Malaysia" (Facebook group page) I need some help. One of my members is growing an Avocado Tree and is facing problems with the plant... Can anyone analyse the cause of the leaf turning yellow and brow..2033 days 8hrs

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