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Ali 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 04/03/14 Updated: 04/03/14 Frost:
Location: Joondalup

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Ali Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Hi; I have planted a few of the seeds, they have grown very well, but no flower/fruit what so ever. I am a newby to gardenig and am planting this just because I miss the Persian "e;Narenj"e; so much. Any help or advise on what to do to make them..199 days 15hrs
Seville orange - Thanks Adrian, According to Julie, the seedling that I took was 3 years old at 2013, so by now it should be around 5 years old. It's already meter+ tall. I haven't use fertilisers and its planted in a pot, will update a photo during the weekend. Can I ..1302 days 1hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, I hope you're doing well, it's always heartwarming when your tree fruits for the first time specially if grown from seed. I took one of your trees 2 years ago, around June, I took the bigger one of the two and I am assuming above is the smalle..1303 days 2hrs
Seville orange - Thanks jakfruit; According to the above website, most Probably, I'm looking for bittersweet orange, which is found in Afghanistan. We also have it in Iran and use the juice as salad dressing, boil it and reduce it to a souring agent for cooking and m..1846 days 12hrs
Seville orange - Hi Orange lovers, I'm new to Australia and have been looking for a specific type of orange which has the characteristics of Seville Orange. Iíve tried some nurseries and even some Orange Gardens North of Swan Valley, but it was not what I was looking..1847 days 8hrs

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