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Coffee Coffea arabica Attractive shrubby evergreen to 2.5m

Coffee Plant

Coffea arabica


Attractive shrubby evergreen to 2.5m. Suitable for tropical to warm temperature climates. Harvest beans June to August when bright red. Fertilise and water regularily in November-March growing period.

Evergreen shrubby tree with ornamental foliage and berries. Can be used indoors.

FEATURES: Pointed oval glossy dark green foliage has prominent decorative vein patCoffee Coffea arabica Evergreen shrubby tree with ornamental foliage and berriestern. Clusters of fragrant white· flowers in Summer. The ripe fruit are bright red, sometimes yellow, berries each containing two coffee beans. Self pollinating. Around 2.5m tall and 1-2m wide in sub/tropical climates. Remains smaller, around 50-75cm tall, if used as an indoor foliage plant.

CONDITIONS: Suited to rich fertile moist free draining soils in a warm sunny site. Best in climates above 5°C. Tolerant of pruning. Protect from strong wind. Water and fertilise well.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with compost and manure in a thick mulch to reduce weeds. Shear plants at 1-2m height after harvest to keep at a manageable height.


• roast green coffee beans

tropical garden

• indoor foliage

• hedge row