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Custard Apple A versatile fruit tree that reaches approx: 6m high

Custard Apple

Annona atemoya

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A versatile fruit tree that reaches approximately 6m high and wide with a sprawling open canopy. Generous amounts of delicious fruit with succulent soft white flesh are produced which can be eaten fresh or blended in various sweet dishes including ice cream and drinks.

PINK'S MAMMOTH: High quality, very large size fruit. It is named after Mr. Pink, the man who introduced it to Australia. When mature the tree produces significant yields.

HILLARY WHITE: A strain of Pink's Mammoth. The cropping performance is between that of Pink's Mammoth and the African Pride with smooth skin and average fruit shape. More consistent bearer than Pink's MamCustard Apple Annona atemoya Pinks Mammothmoth.

AFRICAN PRIDE: This heart shaped fruit has a medium thick skin, more seed than the Pink's Mammoth and produces high yields. Early and consistent bearing and presentable fruit is what makes this the main commercial variety.

GEFNER: An Israeli cultivar with a moderate to heavy cropping capacity. Exceptionally good flavour and although it performs well it's not superior to the African Pride.

LATE GOLD: A golden bronze fruit with soft skin and a high flesh ratio. Good sized fruit.


Suits lowland tropical to cool subtropical climate. Trees grow best in fertile soil but will grow well in poorer soils with proper attention to nutrition. Small regular fertiliser applications preferred during establishment. Some pruning required to shape tree and remove water shoots. Protect from frost when young.

ROOTSTOCK - Annona cherimoya