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Mulberry Shahtoot or King White

Mulberry Shahtoot or King White

Morus macroura

Buy Mulberry Shahtoot or King White

Masses of long white honey-sweet mulberry fruit form on this highly adaptable deciduous tree.

White fruiting form of Mulberry for cool temperate to subtropical climates.

FEATURES: Glossy dark green lobed foliage and weeping branches form a vigorous deciduous tree that fruits from a young age. Fruit ripens progressively rather than all at once dUring Summer. Young fruit is CriSp and green. Ripe fruit softens becoming honey sweet, white and up to 10cm long. A bonus is that the white fruit cannot cause stains. Mulberry Shahtoot or King White Morus macroura

CONDITIONS: Suited to fertile free draining soils in full sun. Highly tolerant of heavy clay soils, drought, severe cold and heavy pruning.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Feed with compost and manure in a thick mulch layer. Keep mulch clear of the trunk. If required prune to preferr8'd size.


• a wonderfully sweet Summer fruit eaten fresh

• use cooked in pies, desserts or jam

• preserve excess fruit by freezing or drying

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