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Orange Oranges are a versatile citrus tree contributing ornamental value


Citrus Senensis

Oranges are a versatile citrus tree contributing ornamental value with an ever abundant supply of sweet fruit. Featuring glossy green foliage, with perfumed flowers and a prolific supply of colourful fruit. Perfectly suited to the home orchard, tubs and containers.

NEWHALL: Excellent quality, large oblong fruit, regular and good cropper in subtropical areas. Very similar to the Navelina with similar yields.

NAVELINA: A Spanish variety. Producing excellent quality fruit very early in the season. Good size and naturally develops an outstanding deep red orange skin.

WASHINGTON NAVEL: Is the main navel variety grown in AustralOrange Citrus Senensis Newhall Navelina Washington Navelia. Washington Navel has excellent skin colour and taste, producing round fruit.

HAMLIN: A mid season all purpose orange that is used for both juicing and fresh eating. Very good sweet flavour and vigorous growth. Seedless.

NAVELATE: Has excellent flavour. Fruit is slightly oblong with excellent rind texture. Navelate is a consistent cropper and can be stored mature on the tree.

LANES LATE: Seedless variety, maturing later than all other Navels, usually mid July through to October. Thin smooth rind on an oval shaped fruit.

SEEDLESS VALENCIA: Mid to late season fruiting Dec. through to Feb. Dual purpose variety. Good tree growth and high yields. Attractive compact tree.

KEENAN VALENCIA: Late variety, very juicy, holds well. The ideal variety to extend the season right through to December. Crops very well in the subtropics.

SMOOTH SEVILLE: Sought after for its marmalade and its medicinal properties. Trees are. vigorous and hardy making attractive garden and street trees.


Prefers warm sunny site with free draining fertile soils that are well mulched. Fertilize, irrigate and make sure weed free in July/Aug. to ensure healthy productive trees. Prune only when needed, by removing water shoots, skirting young trees and removing dead growth in late winter. Use DC Tron Plus oil in summer to control most pests.


Trifoliata • Troyer Citrange • Flying Dragon

Approved Material obtained from AusCitrus