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Red Frangipani

Plumeria rubra

Buy Red Frangipani

Red FrangipaniDeciduous tree grown for ornamental flowers.

Features: Long, thick green leaves and clusters of sweetly fragrant, waxy red flowers from late Spring to Autumn. Trees in warm climates can grow to 6m tall and generally flower longer.

Conditions: Prefers moist, fertile soil in full sun and a warm, sheltered position. Shade tolerant.

For Best Results: Protect from frosts and strong winds. In cool climates, position by a head retaining wall and reduce watering in Winter.

Planting Ideas and uses:

- beautiful feature specimen.

- ideal for gardens in tropical and subtropical areas.

- great for mixed shrub beds and borders.

- lovely in decorative tubs and containers.

- use flowers in floral displays.

Caution: May cause skin and eye irritation;


Height: 4 meters, Width: ;4 meters.

Full Sun.

Flowers show up around Spring to Autumn.

Use in Large Decorative Tubs and containers.

Use flowers in floral displays.

Red Frangipani