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Variegated Kumquat Variegata Fortunella Japonica

Variegated Kumquat

Variegata fortunella japonica


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Highly decorative evergreen shrub to approx 2.5m. Masses of small edible Autumn/Winter fruits ideal for marmalade, liqueurs or candying. Prefers a sheltered site, full sun and humus rich well drained soil. Frost hardy. Excellent tub plant.

Small evergreen ornamental fruiting tree.

FEATURES: Cream marked mid-green leaves make a small bushy tree. SmVarigated Kumquat Fortunella japonicaall golden fruit have spicy skins and may be sweet enough to eat towards the end of their season. Pretty scented white blooms.

CONDITIONS: Suited to fertile free draining soils in full sun. Tolerant of very cold conditions.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with compost. Mulch well. Use citrus food as directed.


• fruit excellent for marmalade and in liqueurs

• highly ornamental in decorative containers

• welcoming paired at entrances