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Juglans regia

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Large spreading deciduous tree grown for edible nuts.

FEATURES: Large lobed foliage makes this a good shade tree. Slow growing tree which begins to set fruit from 3-7 years of age. The green hulls split open and nuts fall in late Autumn. Dry nuts to avoid mold. Store nuts or kernels in airtight containers.

CONDITIONS: Suited to deep fertile moist soils in sunny sites in areas with cold Winters. Tolerant of wide range of conditions. Ensure excellent drainage. SusceptWalnut Juglans regia Large lobed foliage makes this a good shade treeeible to blight in wet climates.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Supply deep soaking waterings during Summer. Enrich the soil with a good thick mulch layer including well rotted compost. Keep mulch clear of trunk. Prune to a single trunk and remove crossing or overcrowded limbs.


• eat nuts fresh or use in cakes or salads

• green nuts can be pickled or used in dyeing