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White Sapote Casimiroa edulis Green to yellow fruit. Flavour depnds on variety

White Sapote

Casimiroa edulis

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Green to yellow fruit. Flavour depends on variety. Spreading evergreen tree to 15m from seedling and 8m when grafted.

FEATURES: Thin skinned, green to yellow fruit with white to creamy-yellow flesh. Some varieties turn yellow to orange when ripe whilst others remain green. Flesh flavour depends on variety.

CONDITIONS: Prefers moist, free draining soil in full sun.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Plant in a sheltered poWhite Sapote Casimiroa edulissition to protect from wind and frosts. Stake young trees for support and water regularly. Apply a general fertiliser after flowering.


• specimen tree

• eat fruit fresh from tree

• use flesh in milk shakes or to make non-fat ice cream