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Yellow Mangosteen Garcinia tinctoria Pyramidal evergreen

Yellow Mangosteen

Garcinia tinctoria

Buy Yellow Mangosteen

Pyramidal evergreen self-pollinating female trees. Segmented yellow fruit are acid/sweet fresh, or preserved when mature, dried when fully ripe. Warm moist, frost free climate. Water well in summer. Shade when young.

• Garcinia tinctoria

The hole for planting should be twice the area of the root-ball and 8-10 cm deeper which is back filled to give roots an easy star!. Build up depth of top soil rather than dig down in clay soils. Garcinia tinctoria

Place in hole taking care not to disturb root system, with top of root ball level with the garden bed. Fill in and firm down soil around roots, create a 4-7 cm depression to act as a watering basin. Water in well.

Type of soil will influence growth rate and height.


• Seedling

• Grafted


• G. mangostana

• G. tinctoria

• G. cochinchinsis