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Australian Rare Fruit Review 2006 Magazine

Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2006

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Table Of Contents


Rather be Sailing
Pat and andy Fitzgerald are familiar faces at Rusty’s Market in Cairns

Put Jaboticabas on your List
The fruit with the great taste that makes mighty wine

Bush Tucker for North Queensland
Yuruga Nursery promotes strong new flavours for an Australian cuisine

It’s a Miracle
Grow your own Miracle Fruit as an indoor pot plant

Jakfruit – Soft or Crisp?
Choose a jackfruit to suit your purpose from many different types


Cooking with Cassava
Learn how to prepare and cook with cassava

Gift from Borneo
A small bush from Borneo called Sweet Leaft provides a steady source of ‘spinach’ to people living in the tropics

Ceylon Spinach – Love me Tender
Pluck the leaves from the stalks, steam them lightly and they will melt in your mouth.

Sugar and Spice
Two brothers break new ground with Aussie Pepper


Looking Back to the Early Days
Snippets from the old RFCA magazines

Pioneers in Borneo
Reflections on Borneo fruits twenty years later

Seed Collector to Exporter
The Borneo Collection thrives on a rainforest property

In Harmony with Nature
Marjorie Spear and Harmony Farm

Gene Pool Branches Out
The story of the Kamerunga rare fruit collection


Pruning your Canopy
Aim for a total canopy with no large gaps

The Bosworth Lychee
The story of how the Bosworth Lychee was discovered

Cold Comfort
Protecting tropical fruit trees in cooler areas can be quite a challenge


Some Like it Dry
Yummy fruit leathers from Dawn’s home kitchen