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The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski


The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia

By Louis Glowinski

Buy The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia

'a stunning book .... an essential and enjoyable reference work for any culinary minded gardener'

- Stephanie Alexander

'... exceptionally well-researched book, full of easy-to-read information written by a man obsessed (in his own words) with his edible ornamental garden'

-Jane EdmansonBack Cover of Louis Glowinski book

'... just about everything you would need to know'

- Don Burke

This authoritive reference and horticultural guide has established itself as the classic work on fruit growing in Australia.

- A practical guide to the selection, culture, uses, pest and disease control of fruit, nuts and berries for temperate and subtropical Australia.

- 250 photographs and illustrations, with practical diagrams of basic cultivation techniques.

- History, folklore, aneedotes, hints, culinary tips - all about fruit and fruit growing.

- Where to find rare plants