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Pomegranate Ben Hur

Pomegranate Ben Hur

Punica granatum

Enormous fruit packed with sweet flavoursome juice.

High in Vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The fruit of this outstanding new variety is enormous, sometimes exceeding 15 centimetres in diameter, and weighing up to 1.2 kilograms, and the copiously produced fruit is very sweet and flavoursome.

To ensure that the fruit will grow as large as possible it is very important to provide adequate water when the tree produces its first flush of flowers.

Feed in late Winter with fertiliser formulated for deciduous fruit trees. Apart from shaping the tree early in its life, little pruning is needed other than to maintain a manageable size and shape.

Leave the fruit on the tree as long as possible to ensure maximum size and sweetness, but harvest at the first sign of splitting.

Pomegranate juice is extremely beneficial containing a range of vitamins and anti-oxidants which contribute greatly to good health.

The juice can be consumed fresh or made into a delicious syrump which can be poured over meat dishes or used as a cordial in drinks.


Height: 3-5m

Frost Tolerant

Drought Tolerant






Ben Hur