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CINNAMON MYRTLE Backhousia myrtifolia

Cinnamon Myrtle For Sale Mega Tube Leaf of the Cinnamon Myrtle Cinnamon myrtle

Cinnamon TreeNatural occurrence:  Rainforests of subtropical Australia

Description:  Small tree up to 7 meters. It forms a low canopy. The
leaves are 3-6 cm long and have a pleasant spicy cinnamon-like aroma and
flavour. The attractive flowers are creamy coloured and star shaped,
followed by star-like capsules.

Cultivation: The cinnamon myrtle is well suited to the home garden.
The tree is adaptable to a broad range of conditions and different soil
types. Cinnamon myrtle is suitable for full-sun and semi-shade
situations. The tree is tolerant of light frosts. Leaves can be
harvested as sprigs for use in cooking.  

Use:  This is a specific selection for its flavouring qualities, and is
the actual clonal variant that inspired the name “cinnamon myrtle” in
the 1980s. Other / B.myrtifolia/ products marketed as cinnamon myrtle
are other lower quality, and are not this particular variant, which has
the high-end flavour and aroma qualities.  

The leaves of cinnamon myrtle have a cinnamon-like aroma sweet aroma and
flavour, and can be used as a spice in various dishes. It’s used in
savory recipes, deserts, confectionary and herbal teas.

The main essential oil isolate in cinnamon myrtle is elemicin, which is
also a significant flavouring component in common nutmeg.

Cinnamon myrtle can also be used in floristry.

Peter Hardwick, January 2007

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Plant Information or Specifications

Grown From


Height when established

5-12 metres

Frost Tolerance


Is Pollination Required?

No (About)

Leaf Growth Habit


Fruit Harvest Months in Australia

All year round


Customer Comments on Cinnamon Myrtle

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Cinnamon Myrtle

Do you have a photo of this? | Chris - Hervey Bay, QLD 20-Oct-2008
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Cinnamon Myrtle

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Cinnamon Myrtle 10/10

Kloe's Edible Fruits
Update: 2064 days 15hrs

Comments: - This is a stunning bush.  Beautiful aromatic foliage, with amazing cream coloured flowers in spring through summer, followed by loads of new growth.  I will never need to buy cinnamon again!

Planted: 2010

Height 50 Centimetres

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Pest Control: No pests to date...

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