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WALNUT TREE Juglans regia

The Walnut nut tree is better suited to cold climates than many of the other cold climate nuts. Slow growing with best results achieved on deep soils with good drainage. Cross-pollination gives heavier nut set.

Walnut Placentia For Sale 4 litre Bag

Walnut - Placentia

Medium sized nut with a smooth, thin shell. Tree is heavy bearing with good quality nuts.  This grafted variety has a lower chill than most walnut varieties and has cropped well in the Subtropics.
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$49.00 3 Grafted 4litre

Walnut - English

Walnut - English

Also known as the Persian walnut, it is the most widely grown walnut with delicious large nuts falling in Autumn. Prefers cold climate with well drained soil.
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$19.90 0 Seedling 4litre Email Me When Available In Production
Walnut Black For Sale 4 litre Bag

Walnut - Black

Native to Eastern Nth America, where it is highly prized for its high quality timber. The edible nut is more difficult to extract than the Engish Walnut. Used as rootstock because of its hardiness.
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$17.90 0 Seedling 4litre Email Me When Available In Production

Walnut - Wentworth

This is a seedling Jumbo Chandler which takes longer to produce nuts but a very big yielder of large size nuts from year 8 onwards. Recommended for the home orchardist looking for summer shade and winter light. Very frost resistant and ideal for areas with cold nights and hot days.
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$24.00 0 Seedling BRL Email Me When Available In Production
Courtesy Summit Almonds

Walnut - Tulare

Newly developed Californian walnut, upright and moderately vigorous. Comes into production early, heavy producer of large well seals nuts. The crack-out is around 53% It blooms late, an advantage in frosty areas, but is still matures its nuts mid season.
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$69.00 7 Grafted BRXL

Walnut Chandler Compliments of Willis Orchards

Walnut - Chandler

The leading walnut variety. Late-leafing and blooming. Large, well-sealed nuts with light-coloured, good quality kernels. Heavy producer. Require a cool temperate climate with 700- 100 hours chill. Partly self-fertile.
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$88.00 0 Grafted BRL Email Me When Available In Production
Courtesy of Sacromento Packing

Walnut - Howard

Large smooth nuts have a 50% crack out and kernel quality is excellent at 90 per cent light. Ideal for backyards as tree is small to medium size. Popular Californian variety.
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$69.00 0 Grafted BRXL Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Walnut Franquette compliments of walnut trees

Walnut - Franquette

Traditional French variety, good productivity and excellent nut quality. Partly self- fertile, bearing fruit at 3-5 years. Late fruiting season, nut size mid to large and well sealed. Resistance to blight and codling moth.
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$37.00 6 BRL

Walnut - Iron

Walnut - Iron

A low chill seedling selection of Chinese walnut. The Iron Walnuts grows successfully in Alstonvilles sub tropical climate.
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$29.00 0 Seedling 4litre Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Grown From Climate Height Frost tol. Pollination req'd Evergreen/Deciduous Harvest period
10-15 Hardy Partial Deciduous March - May

Customer Comments on Walnut Tree

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Walnut Tree Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum


Need a lot of care to thrive in this area. Plenty of water and mulch, absolutely essential. Must be sheltered from hot, dry winds. Slow growing and highly ornamental. Heavy bearers once they get going. | David White - Mudgee, NSW 30-May-2006

Walnut Tree

My neighbour has a tree in panmure /auckland city, it grows very nicely about 30 feet high but i dont know which type . It has got a 2 1/2 mm thick shell good tasting . | Kelvin Chin - Panmure/auckland , N.Z 03-Jul-2008

Walnut Tree

My neighbour in n.z has got a tree planted an after a few years started fruiting . it has got a medium to hard skin outer an hard shell inner . the white flesh inside is hard to get into. | Kelvin Jr. - Panmure,auckland, N.Z. 11-Feb-2009
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