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Heaven Scent Daylily

Daylily - Heaven Scent

Features large, double peach coloured flowers with ruffled petals. Great for group planting. plant at 30cm-40cm apart. Best in full sun to semi shade. Pots or beds. Height 60cm width 30cm.
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$14.90 24 Rhizome MT

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Nectarine sunraycer

Nectarine - Sunraycer

Yellow-fleshed subtropical nectarine. Semi-clingstone with well shaped large sized fruit. Good skin colour and non-browning flesh. Good flavour and high resistance to bacterial spot. (Video: Sunraycer Nectarine)
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$27.00 40 Grafted 165mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Nectarine Sunwright

Nectarine - Sunwright

A yellow-fleshed nectarine to 150 hours chill. A semi -clingstone, oval fruit, small to medium size with attractive colour, (80 - 90% blush), slightly soft flesh, good flavour. Very early fruiting. Thin fruit to get good fruit size.(Video: Sunwright Nectarine)
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$27.00 9 Grafted 165mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Peach Flordaprince

Peach - Florda prince

Yellow-fleshed variety requiring only 150 hours chill. A medium sized round fruit with a firm skin and good blush. Semi-clingstone. Earliest fruiting peach, popular low chill variety
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$27.00 31 Grafted 165mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Peachcot Ora in fruit in Exclusion orchard in October

Peachcot - Ora A

Early maturing, firm dark orange skin and flesh, with very good flavour. Resistant to bacterial black spot. Botanicaly a peach but has apricot characteristics. Low chill and can be grown successfully in subtropics
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$27.00 2 Grafted 165mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Japanese Taro compliments of Geethas Kitchen

Taro Japanese

A staple crops throughout Asia and the Pacific. The delicious small tuber can substitute potato in almost any dish. Its heart-shaped leaves make for an attractive plant that grows well in shade and sun. Prefers moist soil.
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$12.90 15 Rhizome 140mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Jelly Palm Fruit

Palm - Jelly or Wine Palm

So you've heard of the other well know fruit palms, the coconut palm and the date palm. Well the lesser known (for fruit) jelly palm is just as highly sought after for its fruits. This South American palm is native to Brazil and is the hardiest feather-leafed palm currently in wide cultivation. The Butia or Jelly palm yields a host of edible and useful products. They have large stalks of golden fruit in clusters. The fruit is green before it ripens, then turns golden, sometimes having a reddish tinge when ready to eat. Soft, tasty flesh surrounds a hard seed that looks like a miniat
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$19.75 26 Seedling 165mm

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Aloe vera compliments of heyfla

Aloe Vera

The healing powers of the Aloe Vera plant have been known throughout the civilised world for centuries. While considered by many to be a member of the cactus family it is actually a member of the lily family along with onion, garlic and asparagus. It is a perennial herb with thick, succulent, pointed, basal leaves. The leaves are a grey-green to reddish colour and are sometimes spotted. The margins are slightly pink with pale teeth; flowers yellow in terminal, elongated clusters. Currently known as Aloe barbadensis it is now agreed that Aloe vera can take precedence. That's
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$12.90 10 Rhizome MT

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Onion Cedar

This rare and endangered tree was heavily logged for its timber which is as beautiful as red cedar once it has been soaked to remove the onion scent. If the bark is scratched this also has the aroma of onions. The bright pinkish red fruits attract the beautiful Wompoo and Rose crowned fruit doves, the fruits also smell of onions. The tree is large and attractive and is found in the edges of sub tropical rain forests and in the areas where the rainforest meets the eucalypt forests of northern NSW and southern Queensland. Trees will grow best in well drained rich soil.
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$12.90 12 Seedling MT

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Javanese Ginger Flower

Javanese Ginger

This species bears a striking similarity to Cape York Turmeric. It differs in that the flower bracts are a deeper pink/purple colour as is the dark strip that runs up the centre of the leaf. Often used medicinally, in Bali a delicious drink is made by cooking dried slices of rhizome in water with palm sugar.
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$24.90 8 Rhizome MT

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

French lavander

Lavender - French

A large, fast growing shrub that is sometimes referred to as ever-blooming Lavender, for best results prune back to under 1m including blooms. The large, colourful flower heads can be dried if picked before any of the little flowers turn brown.
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$14.90 5 Cutting ST

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year

Dianella Kentlyn

Dianella - Kentlyn

Its slim foliage appears a beautiful shade of deep green and produces flowers that sit on stems above the foliage. The flowers and berries appear blue in colour and are produced during Spring and Summer. A great choice for informal borders, under-plantings or rockeries.
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$12.90 18 Rhizome MT

*Spring Catalogue-Entire Order Sent in Oct/Nov this year