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Western Australia and Northern Territory - Next Mail Order Dates

Daleys Nursery will send to WA and the NT four times a year and this is so that all the spraying and DPI inspections can be done in one go to keep costs down for you.

When we get an influx of orders we may send your plants earlier then the following dates in which case this page will be updated.

Some Plants cannot be sent due to quarantine restrictions. This is a list of all the plants that we can send to Western Australia:

Mail Order Plants List for Western Australia (WA)

Mail Order Plants List for Northern Territory (NT)

The Next Dates we are sending to WA & NT

Next Send Date: 20th August 2014

Order needs to be in by mid July 2014 to be included in the above batch



21 May 2014 - Sent

5th March 2014 - Sent

13 November 2013 - Sent

14 August 2013 - Sent

15 May 2013 - Sent

20 February 2013 - Sent

28 November 2012 - Sent

15 August 2012- Sent

02 May 2012 - Sent

15th February 2012 - Sent

November 2nd 2011 - Sent

August 10th 2011 - Sent

May 25th 2011 - Sent

February 16th 2011 - Sent

October 14th - Sent

July 8th - Sent

May 2009 Sent

Feb 2009 - Sent

Sep/Oct 2008 --- Sent

March 2008 --- Sent

Monday 12th of November 2007 --- Sent

Monday 17th of September 2007 -- Sent