Kiwifruit - Male

$29.00 ($24.90-$49.00 choose a size)

Preferred Male Kiwifruit pollinator. A non-fruiting, all purpose male used as a pollinator for female vines. 1 male is suitable to pollinate up to 8 females. This male kiwifruit vine is also used as a pollinator for female Kiwiberry, Actinidia arguta, which is also know as Hardy Kiwifruit.
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Kiwiberry - 74-49 Female

$29.00 ($29.00-$29.00 choose a size)

Related to the Chinese Gooseberry or Kiwi it differs in fruit size and cold hardiness. The fruit are generally green, fuzzless, and the size of grapes with great flavour. Cut open, they look much like regular kiwifruit with its small black seeds. Also known as the Hardy Kiwi due to their hardiness to cold.
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