Blueberry - Kisses (PBR)

Vaccinium hybrid

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Characterized by it enormous fruit size and naturally dwarfing habit, this self pollinating Blueberry is perfect for planting with the Blueberry Burst to extend the fruiting season. Low chill variety flowering and fruiting over a 4 6 month period with exceptionally high yield. Trialed successfully in both hot and cold climates in Australia. Protected by Plant Breeders Right (PBR)Developed by Plantnet.

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Specifications of Blueberry - Kisses (PBR)

Grown From CuttingLearn About Propagation Methods

Plants required to Pollinate 1+ Beneficial (cross pollination helps with fruit set)Learn about Pollination

Amount of leaves in Winter? All Leaves (Evergreen)

Quarantine Restrictions to these Areas VIC, SA, WA

Suitability in Pots Yes

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Fruiting/Harvest Months October, November, December

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Blueberry - Kisses (PBR) Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

Simon Jack
9months ago

Beaudesert, QLD, Australia, Australia

Blueberry - Kisses (PBR)

Great variety of blueberry, also blueberry burst, put it straight into a 52L pot is larger so it gets it's roots growing soon as it can, i connect two 52L pots together with zipties for alot of roots, water every 2nd day besides in cold weather.

11months ago

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Blueberry - Kisses (PBR)

This blueberry is slow to get going but once it does, produced fantastic fuit. Very happy with it.

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