Pomegranate - Elche

Punica granatum

Pomegranate Elche

One of the most highly valued pomegranates in the world, thanks to its extraordinary flavour and high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. Elche comes from the Spanish city of the same name. Elche Pomegranates have to be picked at just the right time: Not too early because, once picked, pomegranates halt the ripening process immediately, and also not too late because they are then at risk of bursting.

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Specifications of Pomegranate - Elche

Preferred Climate Warm Temperate, Arid (Dry)Learn About Climate Zones

Grown From CuttingLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Suitability in Pots Yes with 35L+ Pot

Water Requirements Drought Hardy (Little Watering)

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? Can be pruned to 2m

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest 2-3 Years

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months March, April, May

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Pomegranate - Elche Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 2y ago


A really great tasting pomegranate for home growers - plus the Autumn foliage is stunning...bright yellow. The fruit doesn't split here either. I am really cruel to this plant - it's been shifted 4x and is now doing duty in a big pot - providing emerg...

Dimity Cottage1
5y ago


Not really sure

★★★ 5y ago

MAREEBA, QLD, Australia

Arrived with a flower/fruit already developing. I removed it, given the size of the plant, and am happy to wait for the tree to grow a little before letting it fruit. I love the shape of the foliage, and am hoping for an attractive back yard tree.

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