Mulberry Red Shahtoot

(1/12) Mulberry Red Shahtoot

Dwarf Red mulberry ripening on the tree and some are ready to pick

(2/12) Dwarf Red mulberry ripening on the tree and some are ready to pick

YouTube All about the Red Shahtoot Mulberry

(3/12) YouTube All about the Red Shahtoot Mulberry

Potted Red Shahtoot

(4/12) Potted Red Shahtoot

Dwarf Red Mulberry Grown Espallier Time lapse

(5/12) Dwarf Red Mulberry Grown Espallier Time lapse

Red shahtoot in a pot

(6/12) Red shahtoot in a pot

Winter pruned Dwarf Red Shahtoot. A hard prune like this will encourage lots of new shoots in Spring.

(7/12) Winter pruned Dwarf Red Shahtoot. A hard prune like this will encourage lots of new shoots in Spring.

A different flavour every time.. can you taste them?

(8/12) A different flavour every time.. can you taste them?

Long, sweet and a rich-deep wine colour. The Red Shahtoots are an excellent choice Mulberry for your backyard.

(9/12) Long, sweet and a rich-deep wine colour. The Red Shahtoots are an excellent choice Mulberry for your backyard.

Leaf of the Dwarf Mulberry Red Shahtoot

(10/12) Leaf of the Dwarf Mulberry Red Shahtoot

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot For Sale (Large)

(11/12) Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot For Sale (Large)

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grafted)

(12/12) Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot For Sale (Size: Medium) (Grafted)


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Morus macroura
Fruit Trees > Temperate Fruit Trees > Mulberry Tree > Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot
Much more compact in growth habit than the King White Shahtoot. These delicious sweet fruits can reach 10cm in length. Ideal for back yards and we consider it a must have fruit tree for the back yard. The best way to eat mulberries is fresh from the tree.... Read More
Other Names: Shahtoot

$49.00 ($19.75-$99.00 choose a size)

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Specifications of Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Preferred Climate Subtropical, Warm Temperate, Arid (Dry)Learn About Climate Zones

Grown From GraftedLearn About Propagation Methods

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions) 2-5m

Plants required to Pollinate 1 (Self Pollinating)Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts? Yes

Amount of leaves in Winter? No Leaves (Deciduous)

Suitability in Pots Yes

Water Requirements Moderate Watering

Is it a Dwarf Fruit Tree? Semi Dwarf (2/3 Normal Size), Can be pruned to 2m

Time to Fruit/Flower/Harvest First Year

Sun or Shade Full (Sun:80%-100%)

Preferred Soil Type Good Drainage

Soil pH Neutral (6.6-7.3pH)

Fruiting/Harvest Months February, March, September, October, November

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Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Very exited to grow this tree for its beautiful fruit and health benefits. I love making mulberry pies as well. We are lucky enough to live in a great climate where our fruit trees grow really well as long as we build up the fruit tree mounds for drainage, as we have clay soil. Once established, everything thrives.

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Again high quality and productive tree. I like the idea of having all that from a dwarf.

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

It's so hard to find dwarf mulberry plants, and this was excellent quality -- as always from Daley's!

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Fast growing. Can't believe how quick

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

Dwarf is important as we have this in a pot. I water once a week, keep mulched. It's looking beautiful.

★★★★★ 1y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

★★★★★ 1y ago

KIRWAN, QLD, Australia

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

it has settled in real good waiting for it to bear fruit

★★★★★ 2y ago

Gawler, SA, Australia

Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

We have a hot, dry climate, and have had one of these for many years. It hasn't grown higher than 1 metre, but it fruits prolifically every year. There is a small amount of fruit drop, but still plenty of delicious fruit to harvest, as long as it ha water

★★★★★ 2y ago


Dwarf Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

We have a red and a white, both from Daleys'. The white gave us fruit the first yer, we get two flushes of fruit - we prune it after the first to keep it short. The red is fruiting properly for the first time this year, it is laden with fruit. Planted2018



★★★★ 5y ago


Fairly easy going to grow although needs support when young, and a sheltered spot -  and to manage the top growth via pruning as it tends to grow faster than the roostock. Fruits prolifically so tends to drop a fair amount to compensate. Can get secon...

★★★★ 5y ago

CARMEL, WA, Australia

I love the fruit they are always nice, sometimes fruits 2 times yum. likes perth climate.


★★★★★ 5y ago

BROWN HILL, VIC, Australia

Would love to try this fruit, fruited in spring but all dropped due to young age. It's growing very nicley and will great shade tree for summer.  * first fruit almost two years later dissapointing hopefully in another year itll be sweeter. Tastes like...

★★ 5y ago

PARK RIDGE, QLD, Australia

Love the fruit since first taste from a friends garden. Inspired me to try and grow my own. Delivered over a 18 months ago to Sydney climate region.Stayed in pot it came with until we moved to Bribane region last November and re-potted. Lost leaves ove...

Aaron Siemienow1
★★★★ 5y ago

GEROGERY, NSW, Australia

Just Planted. Will hopfully be a nice productive tree. had a berry on it arriving from dalys.

★★★★ 6y ago

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

Fast growing and biannual fruiting

★★★★ 6y ago

BRAY PARK, QLD, Australia

First fruited within a year, now 4 years young. Keeping it trimmed to 2.5m. Trim lightly a couple of times in summer for a smaller second harvest. Espaliers well. Saw a small harvest in Feb/Mar after light trim in January.


★★★ 6y ago

TAMWORTH, NSW, Australia

I like the taste and look of the fruit.


★★★ 6y ago


Slow to establish but beginning to show stability in growth.  Purchased from Daleys.August 2009:  Young fruits starting to appearSeptember 2009:  Some growth recorded.  All fruit has dropped before maturing.  Perhaps its nature's way of emphasizi...

★★★★★ 7y ago

HERVEY BAY, QLD, Australia

This one fruits every year and it very nice to watch.


★★★★ 8y ago


Purchsed from Daleys October 2014 and planted in the ground. Growth is much slower than the dwarf black.




★★★★★ 9y ago


Fruited soon after potting into 430mm pot - 2014 crop mainly fell off - i think i tasted 3 - Autumn crop its now holding well and has lots on it - cant wait to tast a few at one time - YUM2019 - spent 2 years fixing a constricted rootstock with verticl...

★★★★★ 10y ago


When I received the seeds only one germinated which was a bit slow to get going once it started shooting lateraly I was able to get some cuttings. The plant has not fruited yet but I got to taste some from another tree, delicious. Can't wait for th...


10y ago

Bella Vista, NSW

I have always wanted to grow my own mulberry tree.  It is very refreshing to eat it cold.

★★★ 11y ago

GRANVILLE, WA, Australia

IT has heaps of fruit on it this year.

★★★★ 11y ago

Illawarra, NSW

I planted what looked like a stick a couple of months ago and now it has two big fat green shoots growing. Mmm can taste mulberries already...

★★★★★ 12y ago

Inala, QLD, Australia

Rich, sweet, a little musky, slightly tangy, reminiscent of a good plum. Precocious, hardy, productive. In the second season it has about 3 fruit coming out of each bud all over the tree, in 2 main flushes, and a few fruits after this as well. It seems...


★★★ 12y ago


quite slow growing compared to the white as it is a dwarf. seems to be getting thicker instead of taller. got a couple of fruit  very tasty2016only 1.5m tall but just as wide. great tasting fruit. a dwarf is a good size to net if you have bird proble...

12y ago

Ballandean, QLD, Australia

Mulberry Tree

Last year we had our first red shahtoot fruit - man! what a delight; like raspberry sorbet. Our white shahtoots also have a fantastic flavour; like honey. Best when almost falling off the tree.The black mulberries we have are the best bird food ever!


★★★ 12y ago

Huntingdale, Vic, Australia

Love the large green leaves and looking forward to sampling the fruit of course!    Also, being decidous I hve planted next to our deck to provide shade in summer but let in the winter sun. Hope it grows a lot more this spring onwards.Jan 2014- In a...

★★★★ 13y ago

Strathpine, Qld, Australia

What's not to love about Mulberries :) Lots of lovely childhood memories. Bought this dwarf variety as I have a small backyard already chockas with plants.


★★★ 13y ago

Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

One of my favourite fruits. I have fond memories of the one growing in my backyard in Sydney. We froze the ripe berries and made fruit ice-cream from them. This one is still a young tree.

★★★★ 13y ago

Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia

Just started shooting and fruiting and I am excited in anticipation of tasting this amazing looooong mulberry.  Everyone who see the size of the fruit is impressed.  I hope the taste matches the size and length of this fascinating fruit tree.

★★★★ 13y ago

Mylor, SA, Australia

Great fruit, grows well in a pot, appears to be difficult to kill!

★★★★ 14y ago

Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia

Just planted november 2009 but already doubled its size.  Great expectations.Looking great and growing beautifully.Got two very late mulberries off this tree.  I am looking forward to a full crop - hopefully it will start fruiting soon.

★★ 14y ago

Image Flat, QLD, Australia

Planted in the front lawned area.  Heavily mulched.First fruit Dec 2009.  Tasty but not many.2012.  Very nice juicy fruit.  Still not enough tho  :)

14y ago

Preston, VIC

Mulberry - Dwarf Red Shahtoot

Planted one in country Vic, got frosted pretty hard the first few years (-12 c), but survived. It seems frost hardier now (4 years), but that may be because it is leafing out later or more established...

★★★ 14y ago


Planted in winebarrel, 6 months and just coming alive with lots of fruit so i cant wait..

★★★ 14y ago

Auchenflower, QLD, Australia

Growing very well if the possums would leave it alone!no fruit yet

★★★★★ 14y ago

Bellbird Park, QLD, Australia

Looking forward to this plant as much as I am looking forward to the mulberrys..yum here we are august and there are 15 fruits on this little stick so I think this plant is terrific. have just potashed all my fruit trees this week.

Alice Jones
14y ago

Tarboro, NC

Mulberry - Dwarf Red Shahtoot

I could not figure out what kind of tree this was at first. My maternal aunt came to visit me today and I asked her. She informed me what kind of tree it was and how they used to pick the fruit from the tree and eat it as children going up in rural NC.

15y ago

Tabulam , NSW, Australia

Mulberry - Dwarf Red Shahtoot

Most people know that the juice of an unripe mulberry removes he stain of a ripe one. if you didnt know, you do now.I have also had a young red shatoot killed by frost that did not unduy damage mature citrus

Steve Walkden-brown
16y ago

Armidale, NSW, Australia

Mulberry - Red Shahtoot

The shahtoots may not be as cold hardy as claimed. My White Shahtoot succumbed to frost in its first year. I now have a red shahtoot in a more shelterd position. It is growing VERY slowly, but is healthy. About to go into its 2nd winter.

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