Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Wild May fruit fly attractant By Wildmay [All Rights ReservedSupplier of DaleysFruit.com.au] (Photo Credits)

Wild May is a male attractant; it works by attracting and killing all the male flies, including juveniles before they can breed. Ideal for indicating activity of fruit fly and with prolong use will reduce the incidence of fruit fly damage significantly. Non toxic, can be used on organic farms.
Other Names: #X


Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 12y ago

Elrington, NSW, Australia

Put out in at end of winter last year & was shocked with the number of fruit fly in the trap before spring started.

John Comrie
12y ago

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia, Australia

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

No 1 atractant i have used it for 4 yrs now and i have beautiful tomatoes evry year

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