Wild May fruit fly attractant

(1/3) Wild May fruit fly attractant By Wildmay [All Rights Reserved, Supplier of DaleysFruit.com.au] (Photo Credits)

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant For Sale (Size: Medium)  (Grown from Seed)

(2/3) Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant For Sale (Size: Medium) (Grown from Seed)

Control Fruit Fly With Lures

(3/3) Control Fruit Fly With Lures


Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Wild May is a male attractant; it works by attracting and killing all the male flies, including juveniles before they can breed. Ideal for indicating activity of fruit fly and with prolong use will reduce the incidence of fruit fly damage significantly. ... Read More


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Exclusion Net - 6m x 6m

$54.00 ($54.00-$59.00 choose a size)

This strong net is ideal for covering most fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It is also called Bee netting, as it is used to exclude Bees from pollinating fruit trees that need to be kept seedless. It is UV stabilised and it will last years if stored after each seasons fruit protection. It is a 50gsm weave. This net can easily be cut into smaller nets if desired. Width is 6m and can also cut to a specified length in multiples of 6m only: eg 6x12m, or 6x18m up to a maximum of 6x30m. We highly recommended this for the exclusion of insects, birds and especially Fruit Fly. Fruit Fly females are large being 8mm long and sting fruit to lay their eggs only a few weeks before ripening. They shouldn't be confused with the smaller 'vinegar fly' which only attacks overripe and fallen fruit and are very hard to exclude even with 2mm netting.
Special Offer: Buy 2+ @$54.00ea usually:$59.00ea

Dwarf Apple Duo - Dorsett-Anna


Two low chill apple varieties in one pot. Plant a pollinating pair in one hole and prune as if one tree. Golden skinned Dorsett and red skinned Anna, sweet apples suitable for fresh eating and cooking. Dorsett Golden is a golden skinned apple with a beautifully tangy, sweet flavour and Tropic Anna has a red blush skin and sweet flavour, similar to the Red Delicious. The subtropical varieties are best when eaten fresh off the tree, and not used for storage. You can grow in a large pot, as an espalier or in the ground. Duo plantings are perfect for small back yards. Prune regularly to maintain compact shape, taking all inward pointing branches out. Provide nutrition slightly more than for one tree. Suitable for warm temperate to subtropical climates. Protect trees from late frost if you are in a more temperate area.

Dwarf Mango - King Thai

$74.00 ($74.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Equal if not better in flavour than the Bowen mango. A semi-dwarf tree making it ideal for backyards, it produced elongated fruits similar to the Nam Doc Mai. The fruits start out with green skin and ripen to yellow with pink-red blushed fruit. Compact, branching, slightly upright tree growing to 3-4m tall and 2-3m wide. Shows good resistance to anthracnose and black spot.

Mulberry - Beenleigh Black

$44.00 ($44.00-$49.00 choose a size)

Large juicy very sweet fruit to 4cm. Super tasty and makes an excellant Mulberry pie with its perfect balance between sweet and tangy. This tree requires virtually no maintenance and is fairly drought-resistant once established. Well suited to a range of climates.

Apple - Gala


Is this the perfect apple? It has a stripey style, crunch, flavour and looks great in a lunchbox for young or old. Red skinned, aromatic, sweet fleshed apple. Pair it up with another apple for pollination and you'll have gala's galore. These work well with Gala - Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Red Fuji.

Orange - Valencia Seedless

$37.00 ($37.00-$39.00 choose a size)

This seedless orange is a bud sport of the Valencia, maturing a little earlier, its a heavy cropper so youll have loads of Oranges to make delicious OJ. Its a sweet orange that is the favoured choice for juicing. Attractive compact tree. Often it will carry new season blossoms whilst also holding ripening fruits, as they stay well on the tree into summer. The scent of orange blossoms in the air is a wonderful aroma to indulge in. Lots of pollinators will be attracted to the blossoms. Self pollinating so one tree is all you need. Match Valencias with Navels and blood oranges for a long season of fruit, flavour and fun.

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant Reviews & Tips

Star Rating

★★★★★ 1months ago


Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Woke up to a dozen fruit flies and a couple of bad wasps after going away for a few days. We had it set for a month, and now it must be fruit fly season! Thanks Daleys and Wild Mays, my MIL swears by it and I love it already! I'm going to strain them out using a dedicated tea strainer. The bottle might last forever..

★★★★★ 11months ago


Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Effective management of fruit flies, and good to use going into autumn to catch the last wave of flies before they hibernate

★★★★★ 1y ago


Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

this is good and it works

★★★★★ 14y ago

Elrington, NSW, Australia

Put out in at end of winter last year & was shocked with the number of fruit fly in the trap before spring started.

John Comrie
15y ago

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia, Australia

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

No 1 atractant i have used it for 4 yrs now and i have beautiful tomatoes evry year

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