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Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

The Wild May Fruit Fly Control System is an organic, pesticide free system for controlling the Queensland fruit fly, Bacterocera tryoni.  This native Australian attacks a wide range of fruits in particular peaches, nectarines, plums, citrus and guavas to name a few.

Wild May is a male attractant; it works by attracting and killing all the male flies, including juveniles before they can breed.  As the female needs to breed before she lays her eggs if there are no male flies present in an orchard she will have to leave the site in search of a male elsewhere. This eliminates the need for expensive sprays to protect fruits. The traps are simple to use and cost effective as a means to protect an orchard. It is recommended to use four traps per hectare. These can be purchase as  a kit or home made from a plastic drink bottle. Hang traps upwind in a shaded branch on the eastern side of a tree approximately 1.2 meters off the ground. Pour 20mm of attractant into the base of the trap, this level of fluid will need to be maintained throughout the year, top-up Wild May Trapwhen it drops to 15mm.  Do not let the traps dry out.  When recharging the traps remove dead flies from the liquid taking care not to spill any of the liquid on the ground as this will attract flies.

Wild May is BFA registered so it is a product suitable for use by all organic produces and home gardeners. It will not harm other beneficial bugs and insects.

Wild May fruit fly attractant By Wildmay [All Rights Reserved,Supplier of]

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Wild May is a male attractant; it works by attracting and killing all the male flies, including juveniles before they can breed. Ideal for indicating activity of fruit fly and with prolong use will reduce the incidence of fruit fly damage significantly. Non toxic, can be used on organic farms.
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$17.90 18   Small Package

Eco Neem By Supplier [All Rights Reserved,Supplier of]

Eco Neem (100ml)

Eco Neem is a broad spectrum, botanically based insecticide made from a neem tree extract. eco-neem is very different to other neem oil based sprays because it is a pure extract stabilized in a vegetable oil based carrier making it very effective at low rates. Eco-neem controls sucking pests and chewing pests like caterpillars and grasshoppers and exhibits systemic qualities when drenched into the soil to control soil borne insects and borers. eco-neem is safe to beneficial insects replacing the toxic residual sprays that are harmful to bees, ladybeetles and other good bugs in your garden. B
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$31.00 10   Misc

eco oil By Supplier [All Rights Reserved,Supplier of]

Eco Oil

eco oil is an Organically Certified, NRA Registered Miticide/ Insecticide for the control of Two Spotted Mites and Green Peach Aphid in various food and ornamental crops. The advantage eco oil has over current Miticides is that it has no withholding periods, no re-entry restrictions and maximum user safety. This means minimal spray protection gear, while maintaining maximum operator safety. eco oil is perfect for use in and around public traffic areas and where produce handling and crop harvesting is labour intensive and continuous. It also has a physical mode of action meaning that insect pe
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$23.90 1   Misc

Fruit Saver Net By FruitTreeNets [All Rights Reserved, Supplier of]

Exclusion Net - Fruit Saver Net - Regular (2m x 2m x 2m)

Backyard fruit tree net to protect your fruiting trees from fruit fly, possums, birds, bats and rodents. No need to use chemical sprays, environmentally and wildlife friendly. Suitable for all fruit trees including stone-fruits, apples, figs, guavas, pears, persimmons and tomatoes. The fruit saver net is 2m square with a 2m skirt on all sides.
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$66.00 0   Large Package Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
wild may fruit fly trap By Wildmay [All Rights Reserved,Supplier of]

Wild May Fruit Fly Trap

An easy to use plastic trap to be used in conjunction with the Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant. Traps need to be filled with a minimum of 20 mm of liquid to attract and kill the male Queensland fruit flies. The attractant fluid needs to be maintained all year round. Do not let the traps dry out.
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$14.90 0   Small Package Email Me When Available
*Requires Wild May Attractant to bait the trap Seeking Propagation Material

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Wild May Fruit Fly Control System

We got the attractant in the mail yesterday afternoon, two flys caught this morning! We use the large fly trap from Bunnings $20 approx | Ken Moran - Lorn , NSW 20-Feb-2007

Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant

Wild May works very well. Male fruit fly galore! Use another strategy / method for the female. This season with more stone fruit, I have chosen apply a protein lure paint. Watch your garden hygiene as well. Plan, Integrate, Apply, Monitor, Assess. | Bron - Newcastle, NSW 26-Jul-2017
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