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Eco Oil For Sale (Size: Misc)  (Grown from Seed)

Eco Oil For Sale (Size: Misc) (Grown from Seed)

3 problems to control with Eco Oil

3 problems to control with Eco Oil

Eco Oil

eco oil is an Organically Certified, NRA Registered Miticide/ Insecticide for the control of Two Spotted Mites and Green Peach Aphid in various food and ornamental crops. The advantage eco oil has over current Miticides is that it has no withholding periods, no re-entry restrictions and maximum user safety. This means minimal spray protection gear, while maintaining maximum operator safety. eco oil is perfect for use in and around public traffic areas and where produce handling and crop harvesting is labour intensive and continuous.It also has a physical mode of action meaning that insect pests like mites have a low level resistance potential to eco oil. This allows growers to apply eco oil on a more regular basis than the chemically active insecticides, without worrying about the complexities of insect resistance management strategies


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