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Eugenia uniflora

    4 responses

Lex starts with ...
We have a three year old Eugenia uniflora which just is not growing. It looks healthy but it is still only about 300mm high.
What should we feed it (and when)? How much water should we give it?
I don't want to cull it but the rest of the orchard is anywhere from 1 metre to 3 metres high so it looks really out of place.
Thanks folks.
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27th September 2011 4:53pm
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John Mc says...
Lex, if it looks healthy then all you need to buy is a packet of patience, mate. They are slower growing and some trees can take anywhere between 2 to 9 years to fruit. Mine, 6ft high now, fruited lightly in it's forth year. They send down deep roots so when established are drought hardy. they flower madly from now (mine has alredy had a big flush) till late autumn. I'd fertilize and water the tree with whatever you are feeding and treating the others, they say a little extra magnesium promotes flowering, but I haven't had to do that. Good luch with it Lex, you have to let the fruit nearly fall off the tree before it's even remotely edible. It has a very strong resinous taste, I can only have a couple at a time, good fruit for "grazing". It's a good worthwhile tree, worth persisting with, in my opinion.
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Warnervale NSW
27th September 2011 7:28pm
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David says...
The brazillian cherries up here have had a massive flowering all over brisbane this year i myself have a grafted black variety and a black seedling just to try and see if they come true fron seed,both to young to flower yet. Hope you go well ,and yes the red variety can be quite resinous but the black are as sweet as
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28th September 2011 5:37pm
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ringelstrumpf says...
When we lived in Brisbane, I found that most of these fruits aren't really edible, but there was one which was better. It is in Coopers Plains at the neighbourhood centre. There is a garage (if the garage is still there) at the left side of the property and there directly at the entrance is this tree.
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28th September 2011 11:14pm
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Mike says...
As I kid I enjoyed brazil cherries from the heavily producing trees around the neighbourhood.Trying them years later I found the almost metalic,resinous taint put me off.I don't mind them again now and prefer overipe fruit when the tomatoey taste comes out.The trees are very attractive especially when in flower.
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2nd October 2011 7:46pm
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