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Ice-Cream Bean/Inga 10+years won't flower

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Farouk starts with ...
Hi All,

I have planted an Inga Ice-cream bean from seed which came fresh from my uncles fruiting tree which he chopped down!! And I never got to taste it, as I found it in our family fridge when I got home one day & it had already become to old/damaged to eat, so I saved the seed & planted it hoping one day to taste it.. 10+ years later still waiting to see the flower, hasn't flowered once yet, dad gave it the chop a couple of times to the ground & it shot back up its now around 3-5metres tall & wide but still no flowers, any tips ?? Other than putting electrical fencing to keep it from not getting chopped again.
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21st January 2019 3:38pm
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Pauline Staff of Daley's Nursery says...
Hi Farouk, it could be that its missing some micronutrients or simply potassium which is essential for flowering. This can be sourced from a good gardening store. Often cutting a plant back heavily will shock it into fruiting, but this doesn't seem to have helped you. Have you viewed the Daleys You tube video on cincturing, this is a technique to induce flowering. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45wYnQG9kjE&t=3s
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Pauline Staff of Daley's Nursery
14th February 2019 4:32pm
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