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My confused almond!

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Rhys starts with ...
I have a relatively young self-pollinating almond growing in a pot, and in general it's been doing OK. In early march i noticed it was dropping its leaves, and i just assumed it was becoming dormant for winter...it seemed a little early in autumn to be doing this, but i've had the plant for less than a year so just assumed it knew what it was doing. I also noticed it was forming new growth buds for spring so everything seemed ok. However, a couple of weeks ago, i noticed that some of the new growth buds had actually sprouted new leaves, and then to my great surprise i noticed two flowers open on it a couple of days ago! Is it normal for an almond to do this in autumn? Is it likely to get really confused once winter really sets in? If it is abnormal, is there anythig i should do to try and remedy the situation or should i just "let nature takes its course"?
Not too sure what to do with it now as i had planned some winter pruning and spraying before bud burst!!
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21st April 2011 9:55pm
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Jason says...
Well almonds are normally one of the first stone fruit to flower, even in Tasmania I bet they are on the move before July. Being in a pot and in a very warm climate compared to it's normal habitat it's just said ok it's time to grow
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22nd April 2011 7:39am
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