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Pomegranate help please?

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Talyda starts with ...
We moved in here 2 years ago, and there's this lovely lot of pomegranate bushes growing as a small hedge out the back. It's kinda growing above where the grey water goes - though I am not sure how much moisture it gets from that. The fruit though, is REALLY tart/bitter, and there's very little flesh around the VERY hard seeds. I don't know how pomegranate are supposed to taste, my husband remembers them from his house when he was a kid, and believes they are much too bitter/tart.

Is there any way to make them better? I'm not sure exactly how to look after them, I've basically just been pruning them after they fruit, and water once a week or so. They grow really well, just not sure if there's something I can do to make the fruit better =) I'm not a super good gardener, just learning as I go! Cheers!
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29th July 2017 10:09am
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BJ11 says...
Do you know what variety of pomegranate that you have? Some varieties are delicious and sweet, and some varieties (like seedlings) are ... less desirable!
But you could consider:
# Optimising soil and nutrition and sun (possible tiny minor effect)
# Ensuring the fruit is actually ripe before you try and eat it (when "e;fingers"e; of the calyx on the blossom end of the fruit starts to turn inward; fruit goes beyond 'round'; hollow or metallic sound when tapped; skin is a smidge softer); and/or
# finding a variety you know you love and grafting onto existing plants
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7th August 2017 5:46pm
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