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JCJ starts with ...
Why are my pomegranate spliting?
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Beaudesert, Qld
19th January 2019 12:08pm
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Original Post was last edited: 22nd January 2019 1:32am
brad16 says...
First thing to consider with splitting fruit is water uptake. Looking at your photo, the arils are nice and plump, so it would be a very good assumption that maybe good intentions is giving the tree too much love with the watering can.

We all would like our trees to produce the finest fruit possible, but it is a novice mistake to over water them out of kindness. The fruit swells, like pumping water into a water balloon. The skin can only take so much pressure before rupturing.

I think people love juicy fruit, and the logical assumption is that juice is mostly water, so the more water, the more juice. Along with the rupturing of the skin from the excessive swelling, too much water also has the effect of watering down the flavour.

The fruit can cope with more water than necessary when they are still small and growing in size. At this point, the outer skin is still growing and is expanding enough to accommodate the growth inside. Once the fruit begins to get closer to full size though, the outer skin's growth slows down dramatically, and the size of the flesh inside is pretty much determined. There will be some room in there for swelling and filling up with juice (which will happen naturally, just let it), but excessive water at this point will swell the fruit more than the skin hold.

Aside from the splitting problem, your fruit looks good, so your doing ok, but back off your watering regime once you have fruit on the tree that is over half the size that it will eventually be when mature.
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26th January 2019 1:05pm
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denise1 says...
When I had smallsplitting fruit I was advised to give frequent light watering through out the year when soil dries. This way the fruit were supposed to develop gradually without checkind growth. The fruit were then the full size and splitting reduced greatly. Also I gave them less fertiliser but more often.
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auckland NZ
27th January 2019 1:20pm
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