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Relocating a mango tree

    4 responses

Kezia starts with ...
Hey guys I gotta relocate a 5 meter mango tree, I'm having to do it in the next week before my mum sells her house. Can you please give me some advice on how I can do it without hurting the tree?
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South lake Perth, Wa
16th February 2018 11:57am
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Bangkokii says...
You can't do it in a week without hurting the tree.

If you had more time you could start cutting the roots carefully into a small rootball which is easy to transport.

If you just want to do it quick you you'll have to make the tree a lot smaller by cutting branches/leaves so it won't dry out after moving.
Keep it in the shade,out of the wind, water it often untill it starts to sprout new leaves.

Here they sell fruiting mangotree's from 5 meter with a rootball of 100 liter..but it takes time to do that and experience.
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17th February 2018 6:40pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Kezia

You don't have much time left to do the transfer. If you can't do it yourself just call an arborist to do it for you. Might cost you an arm and a leg though. If you still want to do it, there are plenty of you tube videos about transplanting large trees some of them were done in Australia. It is easier to learn a particularly tricky subject while watching it as opposed to reading it.

Happy Gardening :-)
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17th February 2018 8:42pm
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Original Post was last edited: 17th February 2018 8:46pm
JohnMc1 says...
I really wouldn't bother. I moved a large Mango tree, guessing around 5 odd years ago, could be longer, documenting it all on this forum. In the time since it has grown well but have yet to pick my first fruit.
Young grafted Mango's fruit relatively quickly. In my opinion, you would be far better off starting new with the variety you want. I'm thinking I should follow my own advice.
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21st February 2018 7:45pm
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denise1 says...
With transplanting any tree you need to cut down a circle around the tree weeks in advance so it lessens the impact of removal. When cutting a rootball of 1.2 mters or more there is a risk of the heavy mass breaking up when lifting as it is all quite heavy. I know of an entire home orchard being shifted twice, all large trees, but not something I would do unless it is rare or valuable. Why not buy some grafted trees and they will fruit sooner than waiting for a tree to survive. If you do shift it then water it well then dont start watering again for about a week. The reason is to prevent waterlogging at a time when roots are healing.
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auckland NZ
23rd February 2018 10:52am
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