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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
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allybanana starts with ...
I have TO SWAP: sugar cane white
Pomegranates-rooted cuttings JATIVIA (early spanish variety)KAZAKI very col d tolerant good keeper)GALOSHA AZBEK.(Good flavour) VELES, SHEPHERDS RED

Grapes - rooted cuttings
ISABELLA BLACK (foxy flavor, very tough,mildew resistant traditional backyard) TOBYS RED a local variety that appears resonably good on the coast.

Fig White and Black not sure of variety rooted cuttings.

CAROB seedlings and possibly a 1.2 metter grafted sfax female and clifford herm. if you can collect.


LILLY PILLY S. paniculatum seedlings

ICE CREAM BEAN seedlings

YACON roots


ASIMINA TRILOBA American paw paw seedlings

BABACO cuttings unrooted

BUSH LEMON seedlings heavy fruiting strain, see my edibles.

FIJOA rooted cuttings from two unknown varieties

CHILLIAN GUAVA Ugni cuttings

MACADAMIA seedlings from a local hybrid that grows and fruits well on clay soil in EDEN NSW the parents needed cross pollination.

I am after wood for grafting from, Hyakumo persimmon or other dark fleshed variety, royal medlar, tropic anna or tropic sweet low chill apples, low chill apricots, low chill cherries not stella. Gulf gold plum or other low chill varieties, champagne loquat, Asimina good tasting varieties.

Rooted or just cutting from Panama berry, and red sugar cane,

Seeds from mexican avocado and white sapoate varieties,

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7th August 2011 8:40am
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Nick says...
Wow allybanana youve got quite the Garden of Eden :) If its ok, can I please have a babaco cutting, a macadamia seedling, a sugar cane, some of those pomegranates and maybe some more avo grafting wood (my last attempt failed :(). If you're interested, I can give you some Santa Rosa plum (its a jap. plum so its probably relatively low chill) and Fuyu persimmon wood for grafting and I also have some 1 year old pomegranate seedlings, rooted fuchsia cuttings, avocado seedlings (from shop avos), unrooted cape gooseberry & feijoa cuttings and custard apple seedlings. BTW howd the grafting go? :)
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Nick T
Altona, VIC
7th August 2011 11:41am
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Polly says...
Hello Allybanana,

Congratulations on your wide range of fruit and vegetables and your generosity in offering to swap. Just wish I had finalised my tree change to know what is feasible so I could participate.
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7th August 2011 1:47pm
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MaryT says...
Hi Allybanana - I would love to have a bush lemon seedling (how big are they?). What can I offer you? Some ginger/turmeric perhaps? or some cuttings from my mushroom plant or Vietnamese mint? They are easy to grow.
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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7th August 2011 3:20pm
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BJ says...
Hi Ally,
I can supply wood for grafting for Champagne Loquat and some Mutingia wood for cuttings. I wouldnt mind trying the Galosha pom. If you'd like, email me at didge (underscore) 2001 (at) hotmail (dot) com.
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7th August 2011 7:53pm
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