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Water Tank Maintenance

    9 responses

Bobtie starts with ...
With an increasing number of rain water tanks being installed, I thought your forum may be an ideal place to pass on some info regarding maintenance:
1. Even with leaf and gutter guard installed, the 10" pleated sediment filter does not last the recommended 12 months - mine gets blocked with fine sediment after only about 3 months dramatically reducing output pressure;
2. While the 10" filter is in plain view, I have a 3000lt metal tank that also has a felt-like bag filter installed under the inlet screen that also needs to be removed and cleaned at least yearly. The bag holds about 12lts and becomes clogged with fine silt. Although water does still seep through slowly, in times of maximum rain inflows, most of the rain water spills out of the tank inlet once the bag is full.
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Worrigee, NSW
3rd April 2010 4:19pm
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John Mc says...
Yes the sediment does build up over time. I have a 25,000 litre tank that supplies the house. Last time I got in and cleaned it out the sediment was half way up to my knees. It took around 15 years of neglect to get that bad. It's a big job. Not looking forward to cleaning that out again real soon. The rains have kept it quite full since christmas. $100 truck load of water only partly fills the tank. So I'm very grateful of the latest reains I can tell you.;
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John Mc
3rd April 2010 4:48pm
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peter says...
have a look at
and see what you think.
it is designed and manufactured here
in adelaide and has a sediment drain
at the bottom of the filer.
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3rd April 2010 10:14pm
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Bobtie says...
Judging purely from their animation of how the Sludge Buster works, I'd say that fine sediment (that blocks both the fabric filter in my tank and the 15 micron replaceable filter element) that's suspended in the water would bypass the Sludge Buster setup. Most normal household rainwater harvesting systems being installed these days are 'charged' systems and are fitted with a fairly efficient and easily maintained 'first-flush' system and a fine gauze filter in the top of the tank that takes care of the type of contaminants captured by the SB. The SB system is possibly suitable to those that don't have Leaf and Gutter Guard installed and only use the water for gardening but I don't think it would suit systems where rainwater is used for toilets and washing machines.
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Worrigee, NSW
18th April 2010 8:06pm
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amanda says...
We use a "first flow diverter" on our 2 downpipes that lead into our 2x 25,000L tanks...with the first rains I leave it completely open so that all the dust and bird poo etc flows out into the garden...they are cheap and can be installed yourself.
We have no sludge in our tanks - and as we have a water pump for the attached retic - this is very important. We also have an in-line filter, post pump..it has not needed cleaning in 2 yrs...

PS - in all fairness tho' - I should add that we have a double storey house and no chance of leaf litter (but dust build-up horrendous here with an 8-9 month dry n windy spell) the muck that comes out of the diverter is like pure silt....
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Geraldton. WA
20th April 2010 11:21pm
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Original Post was last edited: 20th April 2010 11:24pm
saferain says...
Amanda says she has unique conditions. Everyone on tank water has. After a 8-9 month spell your roof is going to be loaded with old, decayed bird shit. A fine layer of dust and who knows what.
How do you think you are going to get rid of this stuff before it hits your tank?
They tell you that you have to get rid of the first x litres. And they could be right. But, it is HOW this first x litres of crap laden rainwater is removed.
Do the research.
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11th May 2010 1:56am
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Ken Gransbury says...
About 8 years ago I put a first flush filter on my house which has a several large trees including a jacaranda and stringy bark that continue to drop leaves on my roof. I was so disappointed with the amount of sludge in my tank and how wasteful the first flush filter was that I decided to make my own. I should also add that I could see no correlation between the first litres from the roof and later amounts. It is when a large flow of water from heavy rain that dislodges the heavier loads that provides the greatest amount of sludge.

Being and Industrial Designer by profession, and an optimistic sceptic, I started by making prototypes. I tested them; CAD modelled up improvements and continued to optimise the design. After evaluating what was on the market I decided that my design was a great improvement on other products available. For the record I have tested competitor products and reviewed their strengths and weaknesses. I did drawings and prototyped a new filter and called it Sludge Buster. I had it tooled up and then made with an Adelaide manufacturer and now have them on the market. It is a good product. Order one from www.sludgebuster.com.au

Paraphrasing Bobtie’s comment is any filter with enough muck thrown at it will block up. I would add there is no universal product out there that solves every problem, if there was we all would have bought one by now and we would live happily ever after. The Sludge Buster is however designed to optimise the removal of impurities at the flow rates experienced from a suburban house including keeping out frogs!

As to drinking: the Sludge Buster is made from food grade ASA and many people who install Sludge Busters are drinking the water. Over 1 million Australians currently rely on rainwater as their only source of drinking water. Try these links for drinking rain water http://www.waterandhealth.org/drinkingwater/12749.html http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/Publishing.nsf/Content/3D981B51B4FB458DCA256F1900042F6E/$File/env_rainwater.pdf . I’ll be adding these links to my blog spot at http://sludgebuster.blogspot.com/
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Ken Gransbury
16th June 2010 1:49pm
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Julie says...
Do we delete obvious spam? I'm tempted.
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Roleystone WA
27th August 2012 7:50pm
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M Nash says...
I just did it for you
: )
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27th August 2012 8:12pm
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Nel says...

I used the water tank from https://fmindustrial.com.au/rainwater-tanks/
They are cheap and made up of really good quality.
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14th November 2019 11:04am
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