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Richard B.'s Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/03/19 Updated: 24/03/19 Frost:
Location: Kuraby

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Richard B. Forum Contributions
Low nitrogen fertiliser - Thanks jakfruit etiquette for your reply. Ive been looking for fertilizers at bunnings and online farming supplies and havent found anything with low N and higher P,K. Your suggestion of different fertilizers seems the only way to achieve this. You said p..346 days 1hrs
Low nitrogen fertiliser - Im wanting to grow potatoes in a conatiner next winter and can not find a fertiliser with low Nitrogen and higher P.K. Can someone recommend one. Plenty in the US but none here...349 days 24hrs
Pruning mango tree - Thanks Mango Mike. The tree has dropped a lot of leaves since that photo, is this normal?..613 days 0hrs
Mango pruning1 - Thanks maxzoo. Since i took that photo a lot of the leaves are starting to fall off. Is this normal?..613 days 2hrs
Mango pruning1 - I have a dwarf Palmer Mango thats 1 metre tall with new growth on it in Brisbane. When do i prune it to encourage new branches and how much do i cut off and where exactly? Here are 2 pics ..616 days 6hrs

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