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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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TMary's Edible Backyard

Joined: 18/01/14 Updated: 18/01/14 Frost:
Location: Neutral Bay NSW

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TMary Forum Contributions
Fig blue provence - Hi vict, Happy New Year.- no; mine's a Brown Provence, though Yalca labelled it Blue. There are more figs on the tree so hopefully they will miraculously discover their identity and find their true colour. Since it is also covered in Mosaic virus I thi..1659 days 18hrs
Paw paw - I don''t think direct morning sun would hurt them. Of course the more sun they get the more water they'd want...1661 days 12hrs
Help with plant spacing and position - I see about the wind; I was just thinking that it would give you extra depth. :) I can't dig so I just prop the trees up and chuck soil on top. Rather primitive compared with your thoughtful preparation...1661 days 13hrs
Help with plant spacing and position - Waterfall your trees will thank you for your hard work in preparing a good home for them :) Since you have lifted all those pavers why not use them to build up the bed?..1661 days 16hrs
Chinese loquat fissistigma oldhamii - Just a bit of cut and paste from Flora of China Mike but I have read elsewhere that one of those plants is endangered and rare (sorry forgot which one haha). The breadfruit should do well in Cairns...1662 days 9hrs
Chinese loquat fissistigma oldhamii - 8. Artocarpus nanchuanensis S. S. Chang et al., Acta Bot. Yunnan. 11: 29. 1989. 南川木波罗 nan chuan mu bo luo Trees to 25 m, d.b.h. 60 cm. Bark dark brown, longitudinally furrowed. Branchlets cylindric, 7-8 mm thick, rust-..1662 days 10hrs
Chinese loquat fissistigma oldhamii - Again, from the Flora of China website: 13. Garcinia oblongifolia Champion ex Bentham, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 3: 311. 1851. 岭南山竹子 ling nan shan zhu zi Trees or shrubs, 5-15 m tall, to 30 cm in diam. Bark d..1662 days 10hrs
Chinese loquat fissistigma oldhamii - It's the wood/roots that are used for medicine (rheumatism). There are a lot of patented medicine using it. Anyway here's something in English on one the the websites. Fissistigma oldhamii (Hemsl.) Merr. 瓜馥木 Description fr..1662 days 10hrs
Chinese loquat fissistigma oldhamii - Happy New Year, Mike. Be careful what you wish for. You might get washed away in a deluge. I don/t know it but put in the Chinese botanical name 钻山风 and found plenty of sites on it. Good medicine, it seems...1662 days 10hrs
Fig blue provence - First fruit on my Blue Provence from Yalca is unimpressive, if it is a Blue Provence. Sour and a little dry; may be I left it too long. Thin skin filled with pulp. Did not turn blue. Hoping for better fruit next year...1664 days 7hrs
Wampee seed germination - davewastech I think if you pot them up they will take off. They also like to be fed...1668 days 16hrs
Seasons greetings - Happy Holidays and a Fruitful Year to all! ..1670 days 10hrs
Fig nicolena - Not yet, Jenny. Will post here when I need to prune it...1672 days 13hrs
Fig black picone - The Picone green is fruiting well...1673 days 8hrs
Black genoa - One of my BG has a lot of low branches and suckers so I have been removing them, some with roots attached. Instant new trees! :)..1673 days 13hrs

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