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Mike X's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/02/14 Updated: // Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Mike X Forum Contributions
Buying seed from overseas - Look at Table 1 in icon and the G7100 code is what you want for easy passage into Australia...2106 days 0hrs
Buying seed from overseas - Check on aquis icon to see if the seeds are permitted. Sender to label the cliplock bag with scientific name and only use shredded paper, vermiculite or perlite packing inside but dry or clean moist seeds are ok. Brazil you will then get around 75% throu..2108 days 3hrs
Rare fruit in maket - They are close to D.zibethinus and seeds were sent overseas where they could be more secure...2145 days 22hrs
Rare fruit in maket - VF the pulasans taste a bit better than rambutans,have more flesh and the seed doesn't stick.Durio macrantha is mild in taste and aroma and there are only a few trees left and maybe none in the wild...2145 days 23hrs
Rare fruit in maket - There is an aroma but milder than zibethinus.They are all derived from the fruit Marshall brought back but all fruiting trees are on one property,The pulasan is from Marshall...2146 days 0hrs

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