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Symiot's Edible Backyard

Joined: 12/04/14 Updated: 12/04/14 Frost:
Location: SYDNEY,2000,NSW

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Symiot Forum Contributions
New forum - Thanks Sternus1, yes the new forum is growing. It's getting there. http://aussiefigandfruit.freeforums.net..2252 days 5hrs
Coconut palms in nsw - totallyjezzball, you won't get any luck here I'm afraid. This is a public forum not a Daley's contact board if that's who you're chasing...2253 days 3hrs
New forum - Gimme, as far as I know there is no Australian fig forum but there are a couple of tropical fruit forums. There are quite a few figgers here that find the figs4fun too USA orientated and the seasons throw things out of whack a little. I was thinking of ..2253 days 10hrs
Lemonade fruit - My dwarf imperial mandarin also lacks growth and fruit as described by others. It's been in the ground for about 4-5 years but will persevere a little longer. ..2254 days 10hrs
Mary - Twitter post by GA: @GardeningAus: Mary showed @CostasGarden how to use aerial layering as a propagation technique: http://t.co/ppFQJq8sxc #ABCgardening http://t.co/25viTwM5jC ..2255 days 4hrs

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