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Spring Cat
Spring CatChoose one of these 4 plants to get 40% offlooking for staffA multi coloured relative of silverbeet

Don 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/05/14 Updated: 19/05/14 Frost:
Location: browns plains

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Brazilian cherry can i dig up a - It most definitely will but it may not taste the same as parent plant as you could almost gaurantee it has been cross pollinated...1712 days 23hrs
Eugenia condolleana - Haha, I'm hearin ya! I lost heaps till I learnt to just leave them alone. Just some osmocote azalea mix and megatube and water every second day in this weather and they pop up pretty well. Don..1734 days 20hrs
Eugenia condolleana - No worries Luke thanks very much. Have a merry Christmas. Don..1740 days 18hrs
Eugenia condolleana - Haha, you havnt met Eugenia mosenii then! Over 12 months and only two germinated out of ten. The rest are easy. I sent you a tff pm the other day too mate..1743 days 16hrs
Eugenia condolleana - Candolleana shouldn't be too hard, just keep in shade and keep a bag over top of pot to keep humidity there. Sometimes I have found town water will not help either as the chemicals tend to leave a residue as it dries and these stick to growing tip and bur..1752 days 7hrs

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