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CHERRY TREE Prunus avium

Sweet Cherry Trees are large and long lived, they will need space to reach maturity and are only suited to large gardens with the possible exception of the Starkrimson Cherry Tree The juicy succulent fruits are loved by many but they can only be grown in areas that receive a cool to cold winter as they will need 700 - 1400 hours of chill depending on the variety.  Many species break bud and flower in early spring so they can be susceptible to late frosts and are best not planted in frosty pockets.  Some varieties will require cross pollination but our varieties here at Daley's are all self fertile.

Cherry Trixzie Black Cheree Compliments of Fleming Nursery propagated by Flemings Nursery

Dwarf Cherry - Trixzie Black Cheree

Red to dark red, round to heart-shaped cherries are a delicious delight from this gorgeous miniature fruiting tree. Flesh is medium to dark red, firm and juicy.

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$49.00 16 Grafted BRXL
Cherry - Pretty Gully

Cherry - Pretty Gully

Self pollinating cherry that crops without the many chill hours required by most cherry varieties. Worth trying if you are in marginal subtropical area.

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$29.00 0 Grafted 175mmL Email Me When Available In Production
Cherry Sunburst Compliments of Van Meuwen

Cherry - Sunburst

Large, firm, dark red with good flavour and moderately sweet, self-fertile. Requires 800-1000 hours chill for best fruit production.

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$34.00 10 Grafted BRXL
Cherry - Starkrimson

Cherry - Starkrimson

Produces firm, large, crimson red, heart shaped fruit with an excellent sweet flavour. Precocious and heavy bearing. An excellent choice for the home orchard. Used for fresh fruit, jam and preserving.  Mid- to late season maturity.  Suitable for small to medium gardens.

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$34.00 0 Grafted 165mm Email Me When Available In Production
Cherry Black Boy Label

Cherry - Black Boy

A popular home garden variety.  Fruit ripens in mid December. First fruit when plant is 3 years old.  Requires a full sun position with protection from wind.  Pollinator required with Stella.

Black Boy produces bountiful dark red fruit, with a delicious flavour.  Australia's favourite variety.

High chill, requires a cool climate to perform.

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$39.00 6 Grafted BRXL
Cherry Stella -Compliments of Gardeners Market

Cherry - Stella

A large sweet red to dark red cherry.  Stella is an excellent choice for backyards as it is compact, growing to about 4 x 4m.  Mid - late season maturity. High chill, requires cold winters for satisfactory fruiting

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$39.00 6 Grafted BRXL

Cherry Rootstock - Mazzard F12

Most popular cherry rootstock, its fibrous system makes it good for wet and heavy soils

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$5.90 0 Seedling BRL Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Cherry lapins Compliments of Flemings Nursery Propagated by Flemings Nursery

Cherry - Lapins

A late maturing cherry with a bright appearance. Large, dark red to mahogany in colour. Red flesh, firm and juicy. An excellent bearer and grower. Late Season. This self fertile cherry is suitable for growing in warm temperate and cool temperate regions.

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$39.00 26 Grafted BRXL
Minnie Royal Cherry

Cherry - Minnie Royal ( Low-chill )

This new Low chill multi-grafted Cherry has 2 varieties ( Minnie Royal and Royal Lee ) grafted on the same rootstock. Medium to large fruit with firm texture and excellant flavour. Both varieties cross pollinate. Only 400hrs chill required.  Ideal for limited space.


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$69.00 0 Grafted BRXL Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Grown From Climate Height Frost tol. Pollination req'd Evergreen/Deciduous Harvest period
9-14 Hardy No Deciduous

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