Sugar Herb - Stevia

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Stevia or the sugar herb is native to Brazil. The fresh or dried leaves can be used as a sugar substitute to sweeten cakes, drinks or desserts and are the only natural sweetener to have zero calories, carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. The leaves if eaten fresh have a distinct set of flavours, the first sensation on the taste buds is the sweetness, this is followed by a pleasant aniseed like flavour which is lost totally once the herb is dried. Stevia is best grown in a sunny or partly shaded position where it is protected from frost. Thrives in moist, well drained soils enriched with humus. Ideal for pots, herb and kitchen gardens.

Callistemon - Kings Park Special

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Features narrow green leaves and deep red bottle-brush flowers that are grouped together in bunches, making a spectacular display in spring and autumn. Kings Park Special is one of the larger Callistemons, so it is great for a tall screen or feature tree. Like all callistemons, it is hardy and bird attracting.

Bloodwood - Red

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A fast growing tree suitable for use as a street tree and park planting. Tolerates a wide variety of soils provided adequate moisture is available in the establishment period. Flowers are quite ornamental and showy since they are produced on the outside of the canopy. Copious nectar production attracts a wide range of both invertebrate and vertebrate fauna. Seeds are eaten by cockatoos. Glider possums actively scar this tree and trunk and branches to access the sap flow for food. Older trees develop hollow bearing branches which provide breeding and roosting opportunities for a diverse range of species.

Callistemon - Crimson


This hardy shrub is probably the best known bottlebrush and is widely cultivated. The bright red flower-spikes appear in summer and autumn. Grows well in wet conditions. Plants should be lightly pruned and fertilised after flowering. 4m

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