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Daleys Fruit Tree has Plants for Sale to Lilli Pilli and can Mail Order them to you door. Click to Find out how much Freight Will Cost.

Lilli Pilli Plants - Most Popular

Include: Surrounding Suburbs (recommended) Plants not in stock

Popularity: 2

Plum Pine

Plum Pine

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$12.90 0 Seedling MT Email Me When Available

Popularity: 1

Lychee Salathiel

Lychee - Salathiel

Tree has an open dome shape with excellent quality fruit. Well suited to subtropical conditions. Beautiful coloured fruit with very small seed. Needs protection from wind when young.
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$39.00 0 Cutting 165mm Email Me When Available In Production

Popularity: 1

3 hass avocado Fruit

Avocado - Hass (A)

Most popular variety due to both its superior taste and excellent keeping qualities. Medium sized, pear-shaped fruit has an excellent creamy, flesh. The leathery rough dark-purple skin turns to black when ripe. H Aug-Dec
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$59.00 3 Grafted 4litre

*Pollination beneficial B Group limited to one pre person due to demand

Popularity: 1

Rosevaya just about ready to pick

Pomegranate - Rosavaya

A winner on flavour, even if not the most elegant fruit. Galusha Rosavaya fruit tends to be slightly elongated, pink and angular - but the arils are large and the flavour is exceptional.
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$27.00 0 Cutting 165mm Email Me When Available

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