Tamarillo - Red

$17.75 ($4.90-$18.75 choose a size)

Also known as the Tree Tomato is a very quick growing small tree that bears heavy crops of red sub-acid succulent fruit. Prefers a sheltered spot with well drained soil.

Dwarf Coffee - Catuai

$17.75 ($4.90-$59.00 choose a size)

A dwarf coffee selection suitable for handpicking. Makes an ideal selection for growing in a pot as an ornamental. Prolific cropper of quality roasting beans. Available as a seedling and a cutting grown product. The cutting grown product shows a stronger dwarfing tendency.

Kangaroo Paw - Everlasting Red ™


Uniform, deep red flowers appear on this Kangaroo Paw year round. This compact grower is less susceptible to black spot than other varieties. Flowers grow to 75cm high on a compact plant. They make a beautiful garden display and cut flower. In cooler areas, flowering may pause over winter. Thrive in hot sunny positions and prefer well drained soils
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